Cosmetic Injectables

Lip Plump

Rejuvenate your lips and create an amazing smile with a Lip Plump from Nurse Sheena!

Hyaluronic Acid injections increase the volume in your lips and there is scientific evidence of the injections prompting the skin to produce more collagen - giving your lips a natural boost. Nurse Sheena uses Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural substance found in the body, instead of Collagen.

Lip Plumping can last up to 12 months, but repeat treatments are typically done after 6-9 months.

Botox® / Dysport®

Nurse Sheena uses both Botox® and Dysport® to achieve results.

Botox® shows the fastest wrinkle and line reducing results, achieving a youthful, natural, refreshed appearance. Botox® can smooth out frown lines, crow’s feet and improves the appearance of wrinkles due and has been proven successful for both men and women.

Dysport® is a natural-looking, fast-acting, long-lasting, prescription injection proven to assist smooth moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. Dysport® can also temporarily alleviate muscle contractions that cause wrinkles on the forehead, in the crow’s feet and frown lines. It is proven successful for both men and women.

Dermal Fillers

The loss of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen in the skin is a natural process over time, which sadly results in fine lines and wrinkles and an overall loss of elasticity and fullness. The good news is Dermal Fillers can help and even reverse these signs of aging.

Nurse Sheena can help you correct wrinkles and fine lines with Dermal Fillers, adding volume and fullness back into the skin. The result is natural and instant, normally lasting 6 months.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Nurse Sheena uses Platelet-Rich Plasma injections to stimulate and accelerate the natural repair process of the body.

The process is straight-forward: Blood is collected from the patient and then spun in a centrifuge to separate it into different components. Components with the highest concentrations of platelets are extracted for use in Platelet-Rich Plasma injections.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection is then ready to be used on the target area, stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

Lipolysis – Fat Dissolving Injection

Lipolysis injections can help to melt away unwanted fat by destroying fat cell membranes and reducing fat deposit thickness.

A fatty acid that is extracted from soya plants, Lipoysis is also naturally produced in your own body in areas like the liver and lungs. Lipolysis typically takes multiple sessions to produce results.

Therapeutic botox treatments

Migraines and excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) are common medical conditions that can be treated with Therapeutic Botox® injections. Nurse Sheena can recommend an appropriate treatment following a consultation.

Clients have seen positive results and have had relief from these conditions with Botox® therapeutic treatments. Health Canada has approved BOTOX® as a therapeutic treatment for migraines and hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Focal injections are an effective treatment for excessive sweating. In many cases, the cause of this is unknown but can affect different areas like the armpits, hands, feet and face. Some causal factors include diabetes, nerve damage, medications, and menopause. With Botox® therapeutic treatment, a large portion of clients report a significant drop in sweating.

Health Canada has approved BOTOX® as a therapeutic treatment for migraines and hyperhidrosis.