The goal at our medical spa is to make you feel as young and beautiful as possible through a combination of non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments, lifestyle changes and healthy habits.

  • I felt completely at ease, Nurse Sheena explained the treatments calmly and clearly and I got the results I wanted! Highly recommended!
  • Rhonda McLean, Registered Nurse
    I was so happy with my results, everyone was so professional and caring. I had a bounce in my step for weeks afterwards!
    Rhonda McLean, Registered Nurse
  • Linda Plechette, Local Business Owner
    Right after my treatment, I couldn’t believe how drastic and instant the improvement was! Nurse Sheena has an artist’s hand!
    Linda Plechette, Local Business Owner
  • Nashrah Chaudhry
    I’ve been going to Sheena for the past three years and my experience has always been incredible and amazing! She’s wonderful and I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my face. She is really good at what she does!
    Nashrah Chaudhry